Soul Loss
The Unconscious Choice
To Survive
At Any Cost

Get Your Life Back.
Spiritual Therapy To Reconnect You With Your Soul


When trauma strikes, we have an unconscious, instinctive reaction to insure our survival at any cost.  Unfortunately, our stressed, immature ego-minds do not possess the wisdom to make truly adaptive responses to crisis.   Instead, people often implement  survival strategies which effectively end their real lives and development, and cut themselves off from their souls and their soul's assets and ways of being.

Without our souls, life is empty, meaningless, and unhappy.  In addition, we continually experience past trauma, which has been maintained in our consciousness, rather than being healed and released.

Having lived a life of trauma, fear, and lack, stemming from the death of his father when he was 13 years old, Dr. Jay Kantor has recently developed a therapeutic approach to reverse the destructive effects of trauma and the coping behaviors we put in place as children.

If your negative life experiences have resulted in unhappiness, defeat and withdrawal from life, contact Dr. Kantor and begin the process to reconnect with your soul, and bring you back into life in a vital, deeply meaningful, and joyful way.

Bless you for holding on so long.

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